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About Us

Chandler family

Flint Chandler (Founder of The Closet Advantage, 2014) has been in the wood working industry for over 10 years. Having been raised on a farm and serving in the Marine Corps, Flint loves working with his hands. There is something about taking a raw product and transforming it into something beautiful that makes Flint happy. But even more than that, he loves to serve people.


Flint's #1 priority is taking care of others. In 2014, Flint decided to use his talents and embark on a journey to meet more people and make them happy through his woodworking skills with closets and cabinetry. By serving people in this way, Flint has found his passion, and it shows in the quality of work and the experience you'll receive from The Closet Advantage.



Mission Statement



The Closet Advantage is Licensed and Insured

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